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Patrick's Puzzlebox

The Patrick's Puzzlebox has now come to a close. Thanks for puzzling with us! Check out the wrap-up.


Every day in November, I spent a handful of minutes writing a mini puzzle inspired by my dreams, events from my life, or blood drawn from a stone. I want to share those puzzles with you!


Each puzzle is initially worth k points. Your score for solving a puzzle is:

s = max(0, k - # incorrect guesses).

You will earn a 50% (rounded down) bonus if you are the first team to solve the puzzle. k will range between 2 and 8.

You do not lose points for unsolved puzzles. You will start with 3 puzzles, and the next puzzle will unlock every 2 minutes.


The hunt began on , and ended on .


This was a puzzlehunt run for ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ and teammate. *

*thanks sushi and benji for testsolving and unintentionally naming the event!